Podcast Episode 1

I want to suck your electricity

Vampires, COVID19 & Dandelion Stew???

In our initial podcast we tackle three topics. The first topic is Vampire Energy. The podcast goes over what Vampire Energy is and provides several tips in which to combat the energy suckers for a goal to save you money on your electric bill.

Did you know?

  • Cable Boxes, Phone Chargers and Video Game Consoles are the biggest culprits of Vampire Energy.
  • Vampire Energy can cost you $197 a year on your electric bill.

The second topic we address is what type of spending do you do. We ask what type of expense the purchase is, whether it be a need, a want or an obligation. With COVID19 upon us, many families feel the tightening of their budgets as they lose jobs or their hours are reduced at work. Using Money Smart Tools from the FDIC, we provide tools on expense tracking and what to do when money is short.

The third topic is for your kitchen. We are providing a family and food pantry friendly recipe called Dandelion Stew. The recipe is one in which everything but one ingredient can be found at a local food pantry. Whether you are a family that is new to using a food pantry or an expert at it, this recipe can quickly become a family favorite!

Check out Episode 1 on the podcast page. We provide a library with all podcasts that are available. The other pages provide libraries of the handouts from the Energy Conservation tips, the Money Smart Tools and we even have a recipe corner with all the recipes that we have provided. In addition there is a Winners Circle page in which the Winners of the monthly drawing are identified and promoted. Lastly we have a contact page where you can contact us for more information.

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