Podcast Episode 2

Beating The Heat Saving Shepherd

In our second podcast we again tackle three topics. The first topic is Cooling Tips. The podcast goes over how to keep your home cool without paying a lot to the electric company. In the Dog Days of Summer the need for Cooling Tips is a must!

Did you know?

  • Washing your dishes in the dishwasher at night before you go to bed, helps keep your home cool.
  • Every degree over 72 degrees that you have your thermostat set to can save you 3% in Cooling Costs.

The second topic we address is the first part of our two part series on spending. The overwhelming response for additional topics from last months survey was tips to save money. This month we tackle saving for unexpected costs. Did you know that you should have at least 6 weeks of take home pay saved for emergencies. We give you a simple easy baby step process to help start saving. We will again, provide Money Smart Tools from the FDIC on saving.

The third topic is for your kitchen. We again provide a family and food pantry friendly recipe called Shepherd’s Pie. The recipe is one in which every ingredient can be found at a local food pantry. Whether you are a family that is new to using a food pantry or an expert at it, this recipe can quickly become a family favorite!

Check out Episode 2 on the podcast page. We provide a library with all podcasts that are available. The other pages provide libraries of the handouts from the Energy Conservation tips, the Money Smart Tools and we even have a recipe corner with all the recipes that we have provided. In addition there is a Winners Circle page in which the Winners of the monthly drawing are identified and promoted Congratulations to May’s winners Karen L and Joan C! Lastly we have a contact page where you can contact us for more information.

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