Podcast 4

In our fourth podcast we again tackle three topics. The first topic is Winter Heating Tips and Changing your Furnace Filter. The podcast goes over ways to lower heating costs and gives a step by step instruction on how to change your furnace filter!

Did you know?

  • 80% of Furnace Calls are related to a DIRTY Furnace Filter
  • You can save 10% of your heating costs by adjusting the temperature down 10-15 degrees during the evenings & when you are not at home.

The second topic we address is another deviation from the second part of savings again. In the feedback from the third podcast the overarching theme was that people wanted to know how to begin the topic of savings with their kids. Tips on starting the conversation and giving hands on experience in budgeting are provided. The FDIC provides a coloring book that tackles teaching kids about money and we added it to this website for download.

The third topic is again for your kitchen. We provide a family and food pantry friendly recipe called 30 Minute Chicken Soup. The recipe is one in which families can substitute ingredients for ingredients that can be found at a local food pantry. Again, whether you are a family that is new to using a food pantry or an expert at it, this recipe can quickly become a family favorite!

Check out Episode 4 on the podcast page. We provide a library with all podcasts that are available. The other pages provide libraries of the handouts from the Energy Conservation tips, the Money Smart Tools and we even have a recipe corner with all the recipes that we have provided. In addition there is a Winners Circle page in which the Winners of the monthly drawing are identified and promoted Congratulations to July’s winners Bryan E and Terry I!

Lastly we have a contact page where you can contact us for more information.

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